Our Mission is to help people establish a real and growing relationship with Jesus Christ. 
We believe the human heart was designed by God in such a way that people instinctively long for real community, for a place to know others, and to be known. In addition, every person was created with the longing for, and capacity to know, God. 


  • John Marra | Lead Pastor

    John is the founding and lead pastor for Living Hope Church. He's married to Pam, and they have three children (Andrew, Abbey, and Alex). John's passion is seeing people get connected with God and living out his purpose for their lives. 

    In his spare time he loves to do anything and everything with his family, catch big fish, hit a tennis ball, read multiple news magazines, and explore small-town America. 

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  • Sarah Fredricks | Associate Pastor

    Oversees: Discipleship | Equipping

    Sarah joined the LHC staff in April of 2014. Her passion is to see people in all stages of life come to know Christ, grow deeper in His love, and worship Him in all they do. 

    Sarah loves writing, reading, playing music, drinking great coffee, spending time with family and simply being with people.

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  • Jorge San Jose | Associate Pastor

    Oversees: Worship | Small Groups | College Age & Young Adults

    Jorge joined the LHC family in 2015. He is originally from Guatemala and has a passion to see people grow into the heart of Jesus through community and unity with Him. He is also passionate about service to the poor and involving others in it. 

    He enjoys meeting people and learning their story. In his spare time Jorge enjoys videography, playing and writing music, food, exercise, and anything that has to do with spending time with friends and family. 

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  • Lynn Medina | Administrative Assistant

    Lynn joined the LHC staff as an Administrative Assistant in May of 2015. She enjoys providing administrative support to the pastoral staff, and loves to see people come to know God in a real and personal way in their lives.

    Lynn grew up in Pittsburg, Kansas and graduated from PSU where she met her husband, Andy. Lynn loves to spend time with her family and watch her two children play tennis.

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    In the transition of Pastor Megan stepping out of this role we have an amazing team of directors who will be leading our children ministry with creativity, excellence, and love! 

  • Dani Cloud

    Nursery Director

    Dani is the Nursery Director and a stay-at-home mama to four kiddos.  She longs to create a place where parents can drop off their littles knowing that they are safe AND loved.  It's never too early to start planting the seeds of God's love. 

  • Tanya Wilkinson

    Early Childhood Director

    Tanya is the Early Childhood Director and has served in this capacity for several years.  She is a retired Kindergarten teacher with 30 years of classroom experience.  Tanya loves being involved with the children as we share Jesus with them each week.  

  • Amanda Collins

    Elementary Director

    Amanda is the Elementary Director.  She has taught everything from Preschool to 8th grade. She is a mom to 4 wonderful children. Amanda considers serving as the Elementary Director a privilege and loves being able to share Jesus with the kiddos every Sunday.

  • Tiffany Solum

    special Needs Director

    Tiffany Solum is the Special Needs Director for Hope Kids.  She is married to Ben and they have a daughter, Tori.  As a special needs parent, she has a passion for making children’s ministry accessible for every kid!


we are a Church of the Nazarene and we believe:


We believe in one eternally existent, infinite God, Sovereign Creator and Sustainer of the universe; that He only is God, holy in nature, attributes, and purpose. The God who is holy love and light is Triune in essential being, revealed as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.



We believe in Jesus Christ, the Second Person of the Triune Godhead; that He was eternally one with the Father; that He became incarnate by the Holy Spirit. We believe that Jesus Christ died for our sins, and that He truly arose from the dead and took again His body, together with all things appertaining to the perfection of man’s nature, wherewith He ascended into heaven and is there engaged in intercession for us.



We believe in the Holy Spirit, the Third Person of the Triune Godhead, that He is ever present and efficiently active in and with the Church of Christ, convincing the world of sin, regenerating those who repent and believe, sanctifying believers, and guiding into all truth as it is in Jesus



We believe in the plenary inspiration of the Holy Scriptures, by which we understand the 66 books of the Old and New Testaments, given by divine inspiration, inerrantly revealing the will of God concerning us in all things necessary to our salvation, so that whatever is not contained therein is not to be enjoined as an article of faith.



We believe that Christian baptism, commanded by our Lord, is a sacrament signifying acceptance of the benefits of the atonement of Jesus Christ, to be administered to believers and declarative of their faith in Jesus Christ as their Savior, and full purpose of obedience in holiness and righteousness. 



We believe in the Church, the community that confesses Jesus Christ as Lord, the covenant people of God made new in Christ, the Body of Christ called together by the Holy Spirit through the Word. God calls the Church to express its life in the unity and fellowship of the Spirit; in worship through the preaching of the Word, observance of the sacraments, and ministry in His name; by obedience to Christ, holy living, and mutual accountability.



Living Hope began as a pursuit to connect with the people of our community in a way that led to God-honoring relationships. As a church plant in 1997, the leadership felt God calling us to unique opportunities to build relationships, foster community, and ultimately honor God. 

This pursuit has included meeting in schools for powerful times of worship and teaching, sharing life together in each other’s homes studying scripture and learning to follow Christ, and welcoming our neighbors to our “home” for recreational sports and community events.

God has continued to opened new doors for us to build relationships with our neighbors. In May 2013 we opened a brand new worship and community center for the purpose of pursuing connection on an even greater level.


We believe that Jesus changes lives. 

Because of that, we exist to introduce people everywhere to Jesus, our Living Hope, that they may: 

(H)onor God through worship

(O)ffer love and support to each other

(P)attern their lives after His Word, and

(E)ngage in sacrificial service


We'd love to have you join us this Sunday. To check out more about what to expect on a Sunday morning click here