As you take a look around, our hope is that you’ll be able to sense a connection with God that’s authentic and inspiring. What’s more, we look forward to meeting you and beginning to develop a relationship. That’s really why we exist, to build authentic relationships with God and each other.


At LHC, we want to CONNECT with our community. 

We also want to COMMUNICATE the life changing truth of God.

You’ll find our setting to be CONTEMPORARY and casual.

While we stand firmly on vital traditions, we build upon that foundation in a relaxed environment that promotes the natural exploration and development of these key relationships.


When you visit Living Hope Church, stop by our "Welcome Table" in the back of the Auditorium. During our coffee break and connecting time there will be someone there to connect with you. These people can answer any questions you have about our church as well as show you where to find anything you may need. Mainly, we just want to say, "hi" and get to know you!

We also have a gift for you :


During the service, right before the message, we have a 5 minute coffee break. This is a great opportunity to visit the welcome table, get yourself a cup of coffee and meet some new people!


To check out a more in depth description of who we are click HERE